Aravalli Linux 6

A Free,Fast And Secure GNU/Linux Operating System

The Web Page Is Under Devlopment

Aravalli Linux 6 Is Based On ArcoLinuxB

Special Spotlights

BTRFS As Our Default Filesystem

BTRFS is a modern, Copy-on-Write (CoW) Filesystem for Linux, Aimed At Implementing Advanced features While Also Focusing On Fault Tolerance, Repair, And Easy Administration.

Automatic Snapshots

You can access 5 recent snapshots directly from GRUB While being a rolling release distro, our goal is to ensure that your system will not be left in an unbootable state after a problematic update. Thus, we use the BTRFS filesystem integrated with Timeshift, which employs an automatic snapshot feature, backing up the system configuration before each update.*

GUI for Package Management (Pamac)

We Use Pamac For Package Management


Always updated, frequently released with many hardening and sandboxing options available. Everything is under your complete control.

Feel free to get the system, share with anyone, read the source code and change it as you want! this system is made to respect your freedom, and it ever will be.

We care about resources consumption, and the system has proven to be extremely lightweight and run surprisingly fast even on very old hardware or with very limited resources.

How Wonderful It Is That Nobody Need Wait A Single Moment Before Starting To Improve The World.

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